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Awards, Accomplishments & Recognition

• GALLERY OF SUPERB PRINTING: Bronze medal for 5 colors + spot varnish + foil / Client: Sports Cars Int’l

• HALO AWARD from Seattle Advertising Federation:  Brad Hale Design - Die cut S.C.I. brochure

• NW ARTS FESTIVAL: Illustration award. artwork selected for display at NW ARTS festival

• ART INSTITUTE: Award of Excellence, self promotional materials


• NW AIDS FOUNDATION: Sandra Bernhardt benefit show poster, metallic ink & tinted varnish

• EVOLVE LOGO: Best brand submitted: 1st place - Urban Child Recovery Center

• INTERVIEW FOR NEWSPAPER: P.I. Interview / Quotes from Bradley - front page

• ART INSTITUTE: Work chosen for display, fold out brochure

• HALO AWARD: BEST PRINT COLLATERAL - Bradley Hale & C. Gracz for Bathhouse Theater postcard brochure

• ART INSTITUTE:  Award of Excellence:  Full page ad

• BEST COMPACT DISC DESIGN:  Rocket Magazine - D. Rogale and DTP

• ART INSTITUTE: Award of Excellence  Audio packaging / Main display case


• PEARL JAM / SOUNDGARDEN: Selected for permanent display - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  

• DIFFA: Selected to be an artist for AIDS benefit auction / Seattle WA:  Diffa benefit

• HOME THEATRE MAGAZINE: Best advertising campaign SUNFIRE (See Bob Rock)

• COCA: Award for Design Excellence: Die Cutting & Print: Joel-Peter Widkin

• ROCKET MAGAZINE: CENTERFOLD CALENDAR  Neil Young / Sonic Youth - Art Chantry art directing

• ART DIRECTOR:  Marketing Mgmt. Associates / Seattle,WA: Advertising agency - 2 years

• AIS LOGO DESIGN COMPETITION: AIS Financial award for excellence

• BRAND for design school: Submitted designs took 2nd and 7th place (only designer with 2 finals in top 10)

• HEART OF THE CITY: Anne Wilson of HEART: - Best Everett non profit Poster

• THE NORTHWEST ANNUAL:  Selected Work - Juried by NEA's “Benny Andrews” • 840 entries / 136 selected

• GREATER SEATTLE VINTAGE GUITARS SHOWS: “Die cut poster series”: Gretsch 6120 & Gibson 400

• HALO AWARD: Best Non-Profit Brochure: die cut winged awards brochure

• MACY’S: Bradley was the chosen artist for MACY'S sole artist, for fine art show at MACY'S.

• SUSAN SILVER Mgmt: Brought HALE in for design work with A&M Records, Thanks Sue!

• CORNISH COLLEGE OF THE ARTS: Guest speaker - Multiple engagements.

• Art Director for Seattle Adverting Federation Board of Directors:  Elected to a one year term

• Hale has built 5 different unique brands, all for one client over the past 25+ years.  Thanks M.D.

• Bradley convinced Seattle MAYOR Norm Rice to design a letter for a COCA poster. See COCA in portfolio.

• Our non-profit design donations for COCA, NW Aids Foundation & Urban Youth Rescue total over 250 hours.

Award Winning Design Firm
Poster design and die cut cposter concept:  Bradley Hale / Die line creator: Art at DDI
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