Bradley Hale Design creates all types of identities, brands, logos, outdoor billboards, campaigns, 3D artwork, web designs, photography, email promotions, hand lettering, custom fonts, games, direct mailers, consultation, print coordination, online ads, vendor management, animation, print expertise, web presses, offset presses, digital printing, foil stamping, die cutting, metallic ink, garment art, space design, advertising, unforgettable slogans and headlines, positioning statements, holiday promotions, custom audio files, product photography, and generally anything to grow your business. Celebrating 35 years of design!

E V E R Y  C O M P A N Y wanting to grow, needs a memorable brand or identity to truly stand out and succeed in business today.
That's where I come in.  I'm Bradley. I work with businesses, corporations, partnerships and sole-prop businesses to increase profits, get a message out, impress potential clients, increase cash flow, or just communicate clearly in this digital marketplace.

I am not your average art director. I care about your advertising dollar, and my smaller size allows me to bid more competitively.
We also have reduced rates for smaller businesses, we especially like to help with new businesses get off the ground safely.
There are many individuals priced more than me, but there is no one who will give you better results. No One!

You may have already seen my work without knowing it was a "Hale" creation. 

Text, or call me at 206.383.4253 / That's 206.383.H-A-L-E for a no-cost estimate, or send an email request to:

Thank you for looking!  I will create you a masterpiece!  Bradley